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Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
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Treat your Honda right, and use only genuine Honda parts and accessories. Metro Vancouver Honda car owners have for the past four decades been happy to make the short drive to Richmond Honda because they know that original Honda components are designed to fit perfectly in their car, are guaranteed to function properly and last much longer than any after-market part can. Keep in mind as well that not choosing original Honda parts means possible putting at risk the coverage your new-vehicle warranty provides.

You'll also find at Richmond Honda the region's finest selection of top-brand tires for your Honda. Call us at 1 855 886-0965 or contact us online to learn more about our inventory of tires from Michelin, Bridgestone, Toyo, Goodyear, BF Goodrich and other quality brands, or order your needed tires directly online. When it comes to tires, there's good pricing, better pricing, and best pricing - which is where we come in!

Original Honda parts, products and accessories are manufactured to strict quality standards imposed by Honda engineers for an exact fit and precise operation. Non-genuine parts may claim to be Honda-quality, but they are not produced to meet Honda's engineering and material specifications.

Get Quality, Reliability and Performance

The attributes that have come to describe Honda vehicles are also reflected in the parts from which they are built. Each genuine Honda part is precisely designed and rigorously tested, not only for its individual performance, but for its interaction with the entire vehicle as well. This process helps ensure that each genuine Honda part will function at its optimum performance level while providing the durability and reliability that you expect from Honda.

Never Compromise Your Safety

Don't let inferior parts put you and your family at risk. By insisting on genuine Honda Parts, you won't compromise your vehicle's performance and safety. Furthermore, only Genuine Honda Parts are backed by Honda - nationwide - to provide you extra peace of mind. Non-genuine parts are not covered by the Honda Canada replacement Parts Limited Warranty, and their use may nullify the warranty of associated parts and systems. (Please see us at Richmond Honda for warranty details).

Each part works in conjunction with others to produce a single output. Compromise one part and you may unknowingly compromise a whole system. Maintain the quality of your Honda vehicle by insisting on Genuine Honda Parts. Only Genuine Honda parts have the quality, reliability and performance that make them the easy choice every time.

Better Parts Can Mean Better Resale

Genuine Honda parts maintain original operating specifications, which can keep your vehicle on the road longer and retain resale value.